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As a gambler, you might want to pinpoint and pick the best entertainment for you. Gambling in Casinos is considered as one of the quickest growing and developing forms of amusement. Millions of Casinos has been opening up in multiple places all over the world. Before Playing in these Casinos, fill up your mind with the basics in playing the different games offered in the Casino. But before these things, there are still a lot of factors to consider so that you’ll have the best entertainment you want.

The Right Casino

Engaging in the world of gambling specifically in Casinos a beginner must pick the right Casino. You must do some research on a particular platform you want to be in. There are several Casinos who offer help to beginners. They give a person on person guidance to new players and explain the different mechanics of the games offered in the Casino. Other Casinos have assistants on standby in case you want to ask for help. Take note that there are Casinos with long termed players, thus, assistants are seldom to be found.

Enough Sleep

Playing in Casinos is the same with playing sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball and more. You need to be in your finest health or firmest condition to be able to play properly, beat the odds, and win. Some Casinos offer free alcoholic drinks with the sole purpose of making you drunk and lose your purpose.  But the most important thing to remember is that you should have enough sleep. Players who come in Casinos lacking sleep or no sleep results in losing all their money. Lack of sleep distorts your discerning skills and impairs your knowledge of the games.

The Edge of the House

Stumbling upon the word “edge”, you might already know that it means that the odds in your favor. In playing games in Casinos, you should discover the edge of the house. In an implied definition, the edge of the house means you need to know how to beat the odds of the house, which gives you an edge. But in a literal way of interpreting this phrase, the edge of the house means that playing in a house is somewhat an edge. Online Casinos can be accessed in houses which might help you win as a beginner. According to statistics, most of the beginners of gambling nowadays start with online gambling. The perks of playing Casino online are that you can just easily forage for tips on the internet.

5 Most Popular Casino Games


Counting the variation of Casino games, you’ll reach hundreds of different gambling games either online or live. These games often undergo certain changes made by the makers of the game in order for it to adjust to the wants of the people. However, there are several games which do not change a lot since it is already popular with the players. Even with the advancement of technology and all the breakthroughs regarding this matter, there are this games that don’t change due to its popularity. A gambler from 40 years ago will surely be proud of the game slots for it has lived for a long time. Casino games can now be held inside our pocket with ease and 10 years from now, you will be amazed if the games mentioned in this article are still trending.

The popularity of these games is based on pure research and surveying of two thousand casino gamblers. Questions are asked tough questionnaires and some are interviewed live. The results show that a slot is the most popular game. It is then followed by blackjack, roulette, poker and video poker.


It is considered by many as the most overwhelming game. Almost all of the slots in different Casinos around the world occupy 4/5 of the floor space. According to statistics, slots offer the highest chance of winning for about 80 percent revenue. Way back on the early occurrence of slots, all you have to do is to press the spin button or pull down the lever and wait for three 7’s to appear. The last change it was undergone allowed it to interact intensively with the user. You no longer just wait for the sevens to appear but can focus on hitting the offered bonuses. The good thing about these slots is that the jackpot is progressing momentarily as the players fail to obtain it, thus, sometimes reaching a total sum of one million or higher.


As slots are the most popular machine games, blackjack is most popular in the field of table games. This is considered as the most played table games that require ample amount of skill and knowledge of the small pathways and hints of the game. In blackjack, a failure to have an efficient strategy means losing your money and donating it to the Casino.


Roulette is a slotted spinning machine that you might find in the casinos occupied by multiple people. Roulette is one of the easiest games played in the casinos for you are only to bet on 9 different choices. Each of these choices lets you win or lose a particular amount of money.


Poker ranks next to blackjack as one of the most popular table games. Poker comes in the different variation, each with distinct chance and requires diverse skills. One of the variations that have a good chance of being popular is the game called Mississippi Stud. These games are far different from Texas Holdem Poker.

Video Poker

Video Poker is also a popular game since wise gamblers can calculate the chances of winning compared to that of slots.

The Popularity of Slot Games: Review

Slots, as known by everybody, is a game played by the use of your money, either your right hand or left hand, and a little bit of waiting. It is really a big question why players get addicted to slot games when in fact it offers less favor to the odds and why they choose it over blackjack which has more chances of winning. It is obvious that there are many ways to beat the house in the Casino, but slot games is an addictive machine that lures people into its realm and makes them press that spin button over and over again. That is how it became so popular.

Being a casino player, a person doesn’t put much effort into looking up into the slot machine, examine its appeal, and determine how it works. We just drop our money, sit down the chair, press that spin button, and wait for the three 7’s to line up. In this article, we’ll take a more vivid look at slot games and how people can interact with the game.  Unveiling or deciphering a secret under the success or attainment of a particular product, individual, or a company, we often look for the most rational reason to relate it on. Examples are a successful department store or convenience store due to lower and cheaper prices, the popularity of a certain vehicle or car due to its safe and sound performances as well as its price, and the game blackjack which is a popular table game since people can manipulate their chances of winning strategies.

When we think of slot games, there is no such thing as a rational reason for its intense popularity. The only thing we put in mind is that we should stop hitting that spin button once we are winning big. But here are possible reasons of why it became popular and why gamblers like it so much.


Slot games as you may not know it affects the psychological aspect of our body. As it comes very easy to play and handle, we often think of it as a stress reliever. Slot games don’t require much effort, much thinking, and much movement. It is considered as a therapy for the brain since there are no more rules, calculations, counting of cards, and deep discernment. Everything is just for fun and entertainment that we won’t anymore mind how careless we are in gaming (in fact even when careless, you can win).


Slot games strike the physical aspect of the body. It makes us feel dominant over the machine since it’s a solo game and no other spectators and dealers or other players to barge in your game. Aside from this, you don’t have to be physically stable while playing, even when you’re drunk, you can win and win all over again.

Psychic of the Heart

The emotional aspect of this game comes in with the strongest feeling and superstitions on playing the game. The ways on how we press the button or the proper angle are all superstitious beliefs that no one ever proved to be right.

Gold Factory: Review and How to Play

The typical and standard slot games are three reels in common. However, as time passes by, slot games evolved into a more complex yet fun form. The gold factory is one of the transformed or enhanced forms of a slot game with a five by three reel summing up to 15 slots.

Gold Factory is obviously about a particular factory that creates gold. It is often compared to the idiosyncratic direction and appeal of the famous Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, however, the end result is much more significant and valuable. It has a peculiar symbol with a somewhat animated character as its symbol. Upon playing the game, the introductory part shows that particular owner with a fancy hat and a coat (just like a magician or a luxurious man) leading you to multiple places where bonus games will be played. The other symbol for this game which is a wild symbol is the “Gold Factory” symbol, which is considered as the highest paying symbol of the game. The next to this are the man and boy symbol in the reel. It is then followed by the transportation symbols consisting of a submarine, a train, and a hot air balloon. The bottom of the table has ingots, carts full of gold, and coins. Lastly, the most looked up symbol is the bonus symbol which is a specially carved gold coin.

Bonus Games

The bonus feature of the Gold factory has multiple levels that lead to one another.  You can only access these bonus games if you have 3 or more bonus symbols in any place of the reel. Aside from the looked up jackpot, the bonus feature is also one of the best things a player can get during a game. There are three bonus games, 2 secondary levels, and 1 primary level, which can be elicited by obtaining specially purposed tokens in the central Bonus stage. Once special tokens are obtained, you will be taken to the Boiler Room where you will be awarded 4 picks at most. These picks will allow you win minor rewards or give you a chance of going to the primary level which is the Reactor Bonus. The luckiest people who reached the Reactor Bonus will get the chance to pick among all the reactors to get precious rewards until one of the reactors in that stage malfunctions. Until then, you will be led back to the boiler room given that you still have a few picks left.  You may also get the Free Spins token that will lead you to the Free Spins Bonus. In this part of the game, there will be two monitors that reveal how many free spins you can get ranging from 10 extras spins to 35 free spins.

The maximum for each pay line is 20 coins which sum up to a 1000 coins maximum bet for 50 pay lines. The “how to play part” is somewhat neglected since all you have to do is to press that spin button after betting. It may not be an easy win, but it sure is fun. Gold Factory adds up to the popularity of slot games. Almost all of the slot players prefer Gold Factory for its huge bonuses offered.

The fantastic animation of Gold Factory captures the eyes of the players. This game will come alive with lots of gold falling down in a parachute and a small train moving on the ground on its rails. It is amazing to watch the transports symbols of the game, especially the hot air balloon flying over a magnificent landscape on the horizon. The gold ingots then emerge in the horizontal part of the conveyor’s belt and will start to move forward. After which, the mood of the slot game will be matched with a cheerful music.

Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps



Baccarat is widely known as the excessive rollers choice for casino gaming. This is a high-stake gaming (poker gaming) that does not give much pay out like other games and as some of the gamblers expect it to. The only players who engage in this particular game are those who have sufficient amount of cash to spend on casinos. The question doesn’t fall on the entertainment or the fun you will feel while doing this game but on the money, you win this game.

One thing that separates this game from other casino games is its chance to make a player the banker. There are 3 different ways to play the game and it’s fast paced system and rules keep you always in the act. The Tie Hand bet offers a huge payout for players but it has lesser chances of winning. The con of playing this game is that it has several complicated and confusing rules that give a hard time to new players. Furthermore, money can go away easily given that you have a losing streak since huge amounts are needed to play.


Baccarat, as mentioned above, is a high roller game that requires a huge amount of money to keep on playing the game. But with mini-baccarat, you can experience playing this game with a little amount of money but with limited possibilities of stakes. Mini- Baccarat is a lighter and an unstrict version of American Baccarat. Distinguishing mini-baccarat from other games, you no longer have to risk a huge sum of money that you could have spent in playing the typical baccarat game. Mini-baccarat is an informal game where the players no longer have to wear a suit and tie to play the game for live casino.

You will be given with 3 distinct boxes of varying colors. It usually comes in colors of white, red, and yellow. The red box is used to bet on the winnings of the player while the yellow box is for the winnings of the banker. The white box will be for betting in tie ending games. The rules in mini-baccarat are exactly the same with the typical baccarat.


Blackjack is considered as the number one table games in Casinos. It’s very simple proposition of summing the number values of two or three cards to 21 made it popular to the people. It may require a little bit of strategy to avoid losing but it sure gives a plentiful hour of enjoyment and entertainment. Blackjack is called in other countries as Lucky 11 or Lucky 21. Although the goal is to reach 21, Lucky eleven became famous due to the payout of 10 to 1 for having an Ace of spades and a black jack for either, spades or clubs. That set of cards sums up to 11 and started the name Blackjack. As mentioned earlier, blackjack requires you, to sum up, a total of 21 to obtain the highest rewards or to win among other players. All the cards with human pictures like jack, queen, and king, values 10 and others value according to their numbers.


Craps is game played with two dices along with a layout out table for people betting. You might recognize that the game is crapped even when you’re away if you hear a lot of people shouting and yelling followed by a familiar sound of two rolling dices. The longevity of the dice lasts up to 8 hours to avoid cheating and to ensure that the dice used are not worn out from rolling on the surface. Being the thrower of the dice would require many things. You should put both dice on one hand (not one for each hand). Another thing is that the dices should hit the walls of the table opposite to where you are located or else you will lose your chance as the shooter. This surely is a fun game for players who want to test their skills in guessing.